Saw Shop: Quality Control for Board Runner Cutting


Get the inside scoop into our quality control procedures for cutting boards and runners

At Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling, we prioritize using quality materials when building your pallets. Our meticulous cutting procedures for boards and runners set the foundation for consistently building high-quality pallets for our clients, every time.

We implement quality control procedures spanning from material cutting to builders, repairers, quality control personnel, forklift operators and trailer loaders to guarantee every pallet delivered meets our clients’ highest quality standards. As our valued client, you have the choice between 100% hardwood timber or 100% reclaimed wood. Our Saw Shop team is equipped to cut raw lumber to your specifications, maintaining a ready stack for the Build team. This ensures we have precisely what you need when you need it.

Meet our Saw Shop team
Our players: Saw Shop Manager, Assistant Manager, Department Supervisor, Forklift Operator, Quality Control Supervisor, Saw Operator

Our Saw Shop team operates state-of-the-art equipment when cutting raw lumber to ensure we meet our clients’ demands for high-quality workmanship with fast turnaround times. Safety is our top priority and our rigorous procedures ensure the well-being of our team and elevates the overall quality of our pallets. Here is a snapshot of our rigorous pallet-building process:
Scheduling & Briefing

Manager shares production
schedule with support staff
for review during a startup

Quality Focus

Continuous monitoring of material quality based on customer specifications

performs quality audits three times a day in each area

All team members measure stack three times

Quality Levels Identified

Level 1:
Best Quality, no imperfections

Level 2:
Slight imperfections allowed

Level 3:
Average quality, functional with some imperfections

Labeling & Inspection

Materials labeled for specific characteristics (i.e., BR for Bark Restriction)

Assistant Manager measures initial pieces for compliance with standards

Storage & Transport

Materials securely stacked on pallets and banded to prevent falling

Forklift Operator transports finished materials to designated storage locations for Build team’s future use

To ensure our pallets meet clients’ specific specifications, our Saw Shop team continuously measures materials for thickness, length, rot, sawdust and more. These meticulous assessments allow our Build team to craft high-quality pallets using materials our clients can trust every time.
Our guiding principle: Continuously improve at your job, deliver excellence to our customers, be a team.
We at Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling are here to be your full-service pallet solution. If you have any questions about our operational procedures, please contact us or view our blogs to learn more about our meticulous processes for crafting high-quality products.

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