Employee Impact

Our employees are awesome and we are reminded of this daily from the positive impacts our team have at Hope Timber, with our customers and in our community.

Here are two ways we like to recognize these individuals:

Caught Being Awesome

Get a sneak peek into the impactful moments our team members create, embodying our core mission and philosophy. These are individuals who go above and beyond the scope of their position to assist others or complete a task that is of benefit to the company.

Mike Berkshire and Jeff Hile

While at lunch, Mike and Jeff noticed another employee had dropped a stack of pallets and were CAUGHT helping the employee pick up the pallets.

This act aligns with our core values: Be a team, and is an example of our employees working together—always being there to help fellow employees when they are struggling. We are very thankful that Mike and Jeff carry this mindset day after day.

Marc Levingston

CAUGHT day after day going above and beyond simply to help the person he’s working beside.

It’s not uncommon for Marc to try to relieve someone from the work they are doing simply because he wants to help out. Marc noticed an area in our finished pallet inventory that had been overlooked and needed attention. He spent his available time (in between his normal work duties) cleaning the space and removing debris. When finished the areas looked better than they have in some time. It is evident through Marc’s attitude and commitment to delivering excellence why he is winning this award.

Scott Goddard

CAUGHT stopping amidst his flow of work to pick up a stack of boards that had been dropped.

He took this upon himself and found the time within his busy schedule. These types of actions are seen regularly out of Scott and are a great fit with our core values. We are grateful for his focus and determination to make Hope Timber as good as it can be, every single day.

Akhlaqui Rameez

CAUGHT helping the hand-build dept with translating English to Pashto.

The majority of our hand-build dept is Pashto speaking and Rameez has been such an effective and beneficial part of bridging the communication gaps our staff have encountered along the way. We are thankful for his professionalism and aptitude; his knowledge and experience are evident in many ways.

Gafar Bashir

When asked to assist with breakroom cleaning, he was CAUGHT pulling weeds outside by hand to improve our company’s appearance.

This was totally unprovoked and exactly the type of attitude we love to see out of our team members!

Chris Davis

CAUGHT being extremely helpful in facilitating communication with non-English speaking employees!

His adeptness in both Spanish and Pashto has significantly increased our ability to train and develop these specific team members, making an invaluable contribution to our collective success.

Caleb Albertson

CAUGHT extending a helping hand to a fellow employee who dropped a bundle of 900 boards while operating a forklift.

Caleb’s efforts in helping his teammate didn’t serve him in any way. It actually hindered him from making an additional piece rate bonus but exemplified his commitment to teamwork.

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