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Worker pulling pallet stack safely.

National Safety Month: June 2024

Our blueprint for staying safe at Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling in June 2024 and beyond!  The National Safety Council (NSC) works to highlight preventable injuries at work and home.


Saw Shop: Quality Control for Board Runner Cutting

Get the inside scoop into our quality control procedures for cutting boards and runners At Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling, we prioritize using quality materials when building your pallets. Our

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

International Day of Forests: 21 March 2024

How Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling partakes in the 2024 theme “forests and innovation” According to the Collaborative Partnership on Forests, on each International Day of Forests (IDF), countries are

Repair Team: Our Pallet Repair Grading Process

Get the inside scoop into our remanufacturing procedure to better understand Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling’s operations The United States Environmental Protection Agency notes that about 90% of wood packaging

Stacks of completed pallets at the Hope Timber Pallet build area

Build Team: Our Process of Building Quality Pallets

Get the inside scoop into our pallet production process to better understand Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling’s operations More goes into building a quality pallet than one might initially realize.

Hope Timber Pallet Employee Spotlight recipient, KC Bussard in front of the Hope Timber Pallet sign

Hope Timber Pallet Launches Employee Spotlight!

KC Bussard’s dedication to his role in producing high-quality pallets has led him to be selected for Hope Timber’s first-ever Employee Spotlight! Plant Manager Eric Richeson shares that KC is

Hope Timber Vintage pieces staged for purchase

Hope Timber Vintage

Our collection of old and new, worn and frayed… Discover our treasure of unique home furnishings at Hope Timber Vintage, and keep your design taste sustainable and cost-efficient. Whether you’re

Diverse group of hands in a circle coming together to support community

Building Better Lives in Our Community

Newark, Ohio’s charitable impacts Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and supporting charitable causes. We carefully select organizations that resonate with our

photo of pallets

History of Pallets

Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling recognizes pallets serve many purposes and are utilized across various industries. Whether used for shipping and transportation, manufacturing, storage or retail, pallets play a major

Trusted Pallet Solutions for Your Long-Term Needs

Experience the difference: Building Long-Term Relationships with Hope Timber If you need long-term pallet solutions, it is important to choose a trusted provider who understands the best way to meet