Pallet supply, manufacturing, recycling, and storage in central Ohio and beyond

Our services

Industry figures estimate nearly 850 million wood pallets are produced annually in the United States. From supply to disposal, Hope Timber Pallet Company offers the pallet management services companies in central Ohio need, at prices they can trust.

We build, repair, and remanufacture pallets

Hope Timber can build, repair or remanufacture standard-sized, 48 x 40, or custom-sized wood pallets using 100% new lumber or 100% reclaimed lumber. When companies need multiple sizes of pallets, that’s not a problem. Any size you need, we can make.

Fleet services for fast delivery or storage needs

Our own fleet includes more than 120 semi-trailers, so we deliver new or remanufactured pallets and provide storage trailers that customers can unload at their convenience. Hope Timber even hauls away your broken pallets and scrap lumber to reclaim or remanufacture.

Family-owned and operated company

But it’s not just what we do, but how we do it. We are a family-owned company that values personal relationships. Every customer interaction is important. It’s just who we are and how we operate as a business.

You need pallets. We make pallets. Let's build a working relationship.

How can Hope Timber help with your pallet needs?


48 x 40 pallet supply & repair

We build, repair, pick up, and deliver 48 x 40 pallets throughout central Ohio.

Pallet building & remanufacturing

We can build or remanufacture any sized pallet to your specifications.

Pallet recycling & management

If pallet storage or scrap materials require too much space, we can help.
pallets dismantled/year to reuse the lumber
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cost savings using reclaimed materials
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of nails from reclaimed lumber saved from landfills

Frequently asked questions about Hope Timber Pallet Company

Does Hope Timber use new lumber or reclaimed wood in their pallets?
Customers have the option of choosing pallets made from 100% new hardwood lumber or 100% reclaimed lumber.

How long will it take to process my order?
Orders are processed the day they are emailed to orders@hopetimber.com. For telephone orders, please call (740) 344-1788.

How much lead time is needed for custom pallet builds?
For custom-built pallets, we ask for a one-week lead time. That allows us to make sure the needed lumber is in-house, we have time to process the lumber to your specification, and finally we build your pallet.

What payment terms can Hope Timber Pallet Company offer my company?
Payment terms are net 30 days.

Can Hope Timber help me get rid of old pallets or wood packaging?
Yes. Not only can we build and supply you with any size pallet, but we will also take all of your waste wood and nails (at no charge) and 100% of that gets recycled, meaning not one scrap goes to a landfill.

Does Hope Timber heat treat pallets?
Yes. If your company needs pallets heat-treated for shipping overseas, Hope Timber Pallet can take care of it. We are certified with ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures). All heat-treated pallets are stamped with a compliance mark. Heat treatment and mold prevention services are available for additional charges.

How long has Hope Timber Pallet Company been in business?
Founded in 1995, Hope Timber Pallet remains a family-owned and managed business. We are conveniently located in Licking County, Ohio, and we proudly serve all of central Ohio and surrounding areas.