Pallet recycling and management services

Pallet recycling and management

Companies and distribution centers that do a large volume of shipping don’t have time to worry about storing their broken and unwanted pallets – they need to focus on getting new orders out on fresh pallets.

Pallet storage solutions

Don’t let your unused pallets take up valuable space at your business. Hope Timber helps manage and remove any excess pallets from your facility. We’ll leave our drop trailers on-site for you to load with your broken, unwanted, and excess pallets. Then, we’ll haul away your damaged pallets and scrap wood to be recycled at our warehouse (at no charge to you). We also buy your extra 48 x 40 pallets.

Pallet recycling

At Hope Timber, all wood is useful wood. Scrap wood and broken pallets are dismantled and any useable boards are used to build our reclaimed wood pallets. Anything wood that is not salvageable goes through our grinder to be used as mulch. Even the nails holding pallets together are recycled. We are doing our part to reduce waste and our pallet recycling and management services can help your company do the same.

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48 x 40 pallet supply & repair

We build, repair, pick up, and deliver 48 x 40 pallets to companies statewide.

Pallet building & remanufacturing

We can build or remanufacture any sized pallet to your specifications.

About Hope Timber

Hope Timber is your full-service pallet partner.

Your pallet recycling and management partner

Hope Timber is your full-service pallet partner, with cost-effective solutions and outstanding customer service during every interaction. Trust Hope Timber Pallet for your company’s pallet management needs, including:

  • Drop trailers for space management and storage
  • Picking up scrap wood or broken pallets you can’t use
  • Recycling 100% of scrap that you don’t need into reclaimed wood pallets or mulch
  • Buying excess 48 x 40 pallets you no longer use or need
  • Quickly delivering new pallets with our own fleet
  • Building and remanufacturing 48 x 40 pallets
  • Building standard and custom sized pallets on request using new hardwood or reclaimed wood
  • Heat treating services
  • Mold prevention services
  • Full pallet management services