At Hope Timber Pallet, our core values are integral to how we run our business

Hope Timber values

As a family-owned and operated business, it’s important that our customers and our employees feel like extensions of the Harvey family. That’s why our core focus includes three key elements:

Building better products

Since we received our first piece of machinery from the local waste authority grant back in 1995, we’ve continually invested in new technology to bring better quality and faster turn times to our customers. Today, Hope Timber Pallet offers a full pallet management program based in Newark, Ohio. We buy, sell, build, and remanufacture 48 x 40 pallets. Our team is equally skilled at building and remanufacturing more than 100 custom pallet sizes, which we can quickly deliver throughout central Ohio and surrounding areas with our fleet of 100+ semi-trailers. The one thing that never changes is our attention to detail and quality. Every pallet will be built or remanufactured to your exact needs, or we make it right. Every time.

Building better lives

Hope Timber Pallet relies on our employees for a job well done. In turn, it’s our duty to ensure employees are compensated fairly, given opportunities to expand their skills, and have the tools they need to safely complete their job each day. In addition to competitive wages and benefits packages, Hope Timber Pallet employees have weekly access to a life skills coach who can help them develop lifelong skills to succeed both personally and professionally.

Building the best customer experiences

Our company is built on personal relationships with our customers. If a customer needs a specialty job or a rush timeline, Hope Timber Pallet works hard to ensure those needs are met and exceeded. Many of our customers have standard pallet needs as well as custom jobs. Every project is important to us. If a customer is unhappy for any reason, they will have direct access to the Harvey family management and sales team.

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Our values and philosophy

In a competitive environment, we find our core values are important to those who do business with us. Our customers appreciate our dedication to family and employees, and it shows in how we interact with others. Hope Timber operates under three core values, where we:

  • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude toward others
  • Remain dedicated to continuous improvement
  • Deliver excellence to customers 

We also strive to fulfill the Team Hope Timber philosophy. This philosophy guides our crew members each day across all Hope Timber companies.

We’re all in this together. From the office staff and truck drivers to the production crew, everyone is one big team. If one of us falls down, we all have to help pick them back up.