Pallet building, supply, and remanufacturing done right in central Ohio

Pallet building and remanufacturing

A shipping program is only as successful as the pallets used. That’s why more companies trust Hope Timber Pallet to build, remanufacture, and supply durable pallets in a variety of sizes, including standard and custom builds. In fact, we build more than 110 different sizes of pallets to meet our customers’ needs.

Standard and custom pallet sizes

Many times, customers might need pallets of different sizes built at the same time. That’s not a problem for us. In fact, our specialty is the ability to handle smaller orders and custom sizes while simultaneously fulfilling larger orders. We maintain our own fleet of more than 120 semi-trailers, which allows us to quickly ship out orders when you need them.

Choice of new or reclaimed lumber

In addition to building pallets, Hope Timber also remanufactures pallets. Both newly rebuilt or remanufactured pallets can be made with the customer’s choice of 100% new hardwood timber or 100% reclaimed materials. Using reclaimed materials can save customers as much as 30% per order.

Scrap wood removal services

Not only can we build and supply any size of pallets, but we will also take all of your waste wood and nails (at no charge) and 100% of that gets recycled. Hope Timber is a complete full-service manufacturer and pallet/wood recycling company.

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Looking for information about 48 x 40 pallets, recycling, or management services?


48 x 40 pallet supply & repair

We build, repair, pick up, and deliver 48 x 40 pallets throughout central Ohio.

Pallet recycling & management

If pallet storage or scrap materials require too much space, we can help.

About Hope Timber

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Pallet building and remanufacturing

Hope Timber offers pallet building and remanufacturing, as well as cost-effective solutions with exemplary customer service. Trust Hope Timber Pallet for your company’s pallet needs, including:

  • Building and remanufacturing pallets of any sizes
  • Picking up scrap wood or broken pallets you can’t use
  • Fast shipping and turnaround times, with daily deliveries made throughout central Ohio using our own fleet
  • Choice of 100% new hardwood timber or 100% reclaimed wood
  • Drop trailers for space management and storage
  • Scrap wood recycling
  • Heat treating services
  • Mold prevention services
  • Full pallet management services
  • Hope Timber even buys 48 x 40 pallets you no longer use or need
  • Direct contact with company management