Hope Timber:
Past, Present, and Future

Hope Timber history

Before Hope Timber was founded, Tom Harvey worked his way up the ranks in the soft drink industry. By the mid-1990s, Tom was ready to go into business for himself. Little did Tom know at that time how his plan would eventually turn into three distinct companies that comprise Hope Timber, a truly family-owned and operated business that serves all of central Ohio.

It started with a spark of an idea

Tom began Hope Timber with a plan to sell prepackaged firewood as he acquired the capital to start a pallet building and repair company. At the same time, the local solid waste authority offered grant money for start-ups willing and able to keep products from ending up in landfills. With the amount of scrap wood produced, the grant money and pallet company plan formed the ideal fit. So Tom applied for the grant and was awarded the first tools to get his idea off the ground: a forklift, a grinder, and a small pallet dismantling machine. Shortly after, Hope Timber Pallet began building, remanufacturing, repairing, and selling wooden pallets around central Ohio. As the company started to grow, so did Tom’s family, and now all three of Tom’s sons are involved in Hope Timber.

Using every scrap of wood available

Because the grant money specified no waste, there was still the issue of what to do with scrap wood. That’s when Hope Timber Mulch was formed. All scrap wood that couldn’t be remade into pallets was ground down and sold as wholesale bulk mulch. Today, Hope Timber Mulch sells environmentally safe and biodegradable bulk and bagged mulch in a variety of colors. (What about the pallet nails, you ask? Hope Timber Pallet has a special machine that removes all nails from scrap wood before it’s sent to the mulcher. Nails are recycled for scrap metal, so they don’t end up in the landfill, either.)

To build a family of companies in Newark, Ohio

Once the mulch company was established, a garden center seemed like the next logical step. Shortly after, Hope Timber Garden & Vintage opened. In addition to selling plants, grass seed, mulch, natural stone, and other landscaping needs, Hope Timber also collects grass clippings, leaves, and yard waste for recycling and composting.

Today, all Hope Timber companies are owned and operated by the Harvey family, based in Licking County, Ohio, and serve all of central Ohio.

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48 x 40 pallet supply & repair

We build, repair, pick up, and deliver 48 x 40 pallets throughout central Ohio.

Pallet building & remanufacturing

We can build or remanufacture any sized pallet to your specifications.

Pallet recycling & management

If pallet storage or scrap materials require too much space, we can help.

Hope Timber company timeline


Hope Timber Pallet sells prepackaged firewood and begins pallet repair for local soft drink bottling company.


Hope Timber Garden Center opens.


Hope Timber Mulch Company founded to grind unrepairable pallets and scrap wood into mulch.


Hope Timber Pallet receives grant money from solid waste district to keep products out of landfills.


Son TJ Harvey begins to work in the family business.


Son Kevin Harvey joins the family business.


Son Tim Harvey joins the family business.


Tom purchases land and begins construction on their own building.


Hope Timber Pallet moves into new building to consolidate the pallet business and mulch yard.


Hope Timber owns eight buildings and continues to grow and serve central Ohio.