Building Better Lives...
At Hope Timber &
in our Community

“The Newark area is important to us. It has provided a great home for our businesses, and we would like to do our best to help those in need and continue to strengthen the community. The directors, staff and volunteers at St. Vincent Haven and Look Up Center are amazing people that are a gift to the area.”
TJ Harvey
Vice-President and Director of Operations

Our community

We are dedicated to building better lives and promoting inclusivity so everyone can thrive in our community. We actively contribute to supporting the incredible residents and individuals involved in the Newark, Ohio, organizations St. Vincent Haven and Look Up Center.

St. Vincent Haven

Building better lives starts with showing someone they matter.

St. Vincent Haven is a 50-bed emergency shelter where hope grows for the men of Licking County. As a program-based shelter for men 18 and older, St. Vincent Haven offers their residents more than just a helping hand. Tailored Action Plans for the men of St. Vincent Haven provide them access to life skills training, faith-based recovery programs and other valuable resources.

Tom Harvey, CEO of Hope Timber, serves on the board of St. Vincent Haven. With shared values of building better lives, helping the homeless men of the Newark community aligns with Hope Timber’s vision of creating a supportive environment where individuals can have a second chance at life.

Donating to St. Vincent Haven shows someone their life matters. Help give someone a hand up to a better life today and volunteer to see how St. Vincent Haven grows hope in the Newark community.

Look Up Center

It’s time to build better lives by making a difference.

Look Up Center serves individuals within the Newark community by providing support and resources rooted in Christ-centered love, education and community. Through its many ministries, individuals of all ages gain valuable life lessons that help them flourish in the future.

Look Up Center is dedicated to helping individuals in Newark with a wide range of needs, including valuable dental and vision services. Look Up Center now offers Look Up Lift, a driving service that provides free transportation for individuals to appointments or work.

TJ Harvey serves on the board of Look Up Center, where his commitment is reinforced by the shared values of building up lives to achieve prosperous futures.

Now is the time to make a difference in someone’s life at Look Up Center. Get involved and discover the program where you can make the greatest impact for Newark residents in need.