Build Team: Our Process of Building Quality Pallets


Get the inside scoop into our pallet production process to better understand Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling’s operations

More goes into building a quality pallet than one might initially realize. At Hope Timber, we pride ourselves in offering over 110 different size pallets, with standard and custom pallet size builds. Our most favored pallet size, 48 x 40, is crafted with 100% new hardwood timber to ensure optimal durability for our customers’ applications.

We have various quality control procedures from material cutting to builders, repairers, quality control personnel, forklift operators and trailer loaders to guarantee every pallet delivered meets the highest quality standards for our clients.

Meet our build team

Our players: Build manager, Department Supervisor, Forklift Operator, Quality Control Supervisor and Builder

At the start of each build, every member of our build team receives a comprehensive spec sheet containing order information to be referenced for quality control throughout the entire build process. This ensures a successful, consistent building process for our clients. Every time.

Here is a snapshot of our rigorous pallet building process:

Step 1

Forklift Operator selects
necessary materials and labels product information for the rest of the team

Step 2

Builder builds pallets and corrects any quality problems missed during material selection

Step 3

Forklift Operator inspects stack and delivers it back to Builder if there are any problems

Step 4

If no issues, Quality Control double-checks shiners, over- underhang, any treatments, etc.

Step 5

Forklift Operator removes stack from Quality Control once inspection is complete and delivers it to Inventory

Step 6

Inventory Forklift Operator ensures pallets are stored properly
(performs any storage maintenance tasks/checking food-grade trailer, etc.)

Step 7

Build Manager checks overload one last time to ensure correct spec and proper quality before product delivery

Our build team oversees every stage of production to ensure each product upholds our high standards. This includes applying treatments for heat, pesticides and mold prevention, food-grade and more, according to clients’ various pallet applications. Each treatment is followed by a stamp, ensuring job completion.

Our guiding principle: Continuously improve at your job, deliver excellence to our customers, be a team.

We at Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling are here to be your full-service pallet solution. If you have any questions about our operational procedures, please contact us. We’re happy to talk with you!

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