How to Implement a Total Pallet Management Program into Your Company Process


A total pallet management program involves an outside vendor who completely handles all aspects of your company’s pallet operations. While some companies opt to manage their pallet operations completely in-house and others utilize an outside vendor for some pallet services, a complete or total pallet management program includes:

  • Delivering
  • Sorting
  • Building
  • Remanufacturing
  • Repairing
  • Recycling
  • Storing 

Why Would a Company Need a Total Pallet Management Program? 

Total pallet management (TPM) services work well for companies or distribution centers that manage a large number of pallets, especially in a variety of different sizes. TPM also optimizes space utilization, as a TPM vendor will pick up, sort, and deliver pallets as needed, so the company doesn’t need to take up valuable warehouse space storing unused pallets. TPM vendors also repair or remanufacture pallets. If pallets are too battered for repair, the TPM vendor will remove them from your location and recycle the lumber. In short, a TPM vendor completely oversees all pallet operations so your team can focus on other tasks.

My Logistics Team Handles Pallets. Why Would I Replace Them with an Outside Vendor?

A TPM partner does not replace your in-house team. Rather, a TPM partner serves as an extension of your team. It’s likely you are already working with a pallet vendor on some level. Moving into a TPM program simply means your staff has more time to devote to other areas of your business.

Things to Consider Before Implementing TPM

  1. Pallet volume: Think about how many pallets are moving through your warehouse every day. Can your staff manage this in-house or do you consult with an outside source to assist? 
  2. Sizes of pallets: Consider how many sizes of pallets are used within your operation. Do you use one size of pallet only or do you require multiple sizes for different projects? What happens if you need a custom size? 
  3. Storage space: Space is always at a premium. Do you have space to store unused or broken pallets until you can remove or repair them?
  4. Time: There is never enough time in a day to complete all tasks. What if this part of your day was entrusted to a valued partner?
  5. Cost: Consider all of the time and resources that go into pallet operations. Consolidating into a single vendor partner can save significant time and resources.

How to Select a Total Pallet Management Provider

Hope Timber offers a complete pallet management solution for companies and distribution centers that require a steady supply of 48 x 40 pallets. Our team can build, remanufacture, and repair 48 x 40 pallets in a timely manner, while our own fleet can pick up and deliver several semi loads per day. If you need pallet storage, Hope Timber can handle that, too. Simply request a drop trailer delivery to your dock and load or unload as your space permits. We’ll even haul away your scrap lumber at no additional charge. Hope Timber will build, repair, pick up, and deliver 48 x 40 pallets to companies throughout central Ohio. If you have additional build size needs, we can accommodate any standard or custom pallet build while working on your 48 x 40 order.

As a Hope Timber Pallet customer, you are more than an invoice — you are part of a family that values personal relationships at every level. Contact our team today to learn more about implementing a total pallet management program at your workplace.

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