Tips for Finding a Consistent Pallet Supplier


Many types of businesses depend on a steady and consistent supply of pallets to keep their operations running smoothly. Working with the right pallet supplier is crucial to keeping your business on the right track.

How Pallet Companies Maintain a Consistent Supply

Many companies have found that there are two keys to success in sourcing wood pallets:

  • The location of the pallet supplier in relation to the company
  • Being able to work with just one pallet company for all of their pallet management 

Based in Licking County near Columbus, OH, Hope Timber Pallet is a totally full-service manufacturer and pallet/wood recycling company that serves Central Ohio and surrounding areas. We are able to build, repair and remanufacture pallets for your company’s pallet needs.

Using a regional pallet supplier makes sense to many businesses. If you are sourcing pallets from several different places in several parts of the country, your company risks having disrupted delivery or inconsistent pricing. 

Because many industries have a consistent need for pallets, they are looking for a company that will be able to maintain a steady supply of pallets at a fair price.

Our management and fleet services are hugely helpful to clients that need ongoing supplies. Because Hope Timber Pallets owns its own fleet of more than 100 semi-trailers that pick up and deliver pallets of all sizes, they are able to control delivery time as well.

A Consistent Supply of Wood and Other Materials

With wood at a premium in 2022, finding the resources to offer a consistent supply to customers can be challenging. For industries that use wood pallets on a regular basis, however, finding a company that can meet their needs is vital.

To meet a business’s logistical needs, a pallet company should offer a range of services, such as:

Pallet recycling services. Today, more than 70% of all wood pallets are cycled. The wood that is used in pallets is often sourced from by-products of construction and furniture making. Recycling services help reduce environmental impact and save money. Hope Timber’s recycling program has been a core value of the company since it was created more than 25 years ago. 

Build and repair both standard and custom size pallets. It’s important for pallet suppliers to have a consistent supply of standard (48 x 40) pallets. However, some industries use custom sizes to ensure their inventory is shipped in the best way possible. In some cases, businesses need both standard and custom pallets and may need to ship their products on as many as 10 to 12 different sizes of pallets At Hope Timber, we have the ability to handle smaller orders and custom sizes while simultaneously fulfilling larger orders. 

Pallet pickup. Unused pallets can take up valuable space at your business. Some pallet suppliers leave drop trailers on-site to load with broken, unwanted, and excess pallets. Not only does Hope Timber offer this pickup service, but we also haul away your damaged pallets to be recycled (at no cost to you) at our warehouse. Hope Timber will also buy back your extra 48 x 40 pallets!

Communication Between Customer and Company is Vital

For companies who use pallets for shipping on a regular basis, it’s crucial to have an excellent working relationship with the pallet supplier. The people that you deal with at your pallet supplier are the key to making the relationship a success.

As a family-run business, Hope Timber takes outstanding customer service very seriously. In fact, the Harvey family deals with each customer directly to provide solutions. 

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about the services and core values that make Hope Timber an outstanding choice to provide consistent pallet management needs to Central Ohio and the surrounding areas.

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