Repair Team: Our Pallet Repair Grading Process


Get the inside scoop into our remanufacturing procedure to better understand Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling’s operations

The United States Environmental Protection Agency notes that about 90% of wood packaging is pallets. Even with pallet recycling and repair options, landfills receive millions of tons of wood yearly. Hope Timber advocates for pallet repair to reduce our contribution to the landfill. If you are looking to purchase pallets, our pallet repairs meet the same high standards as our newly manufactured products.

When you choose repaired pallets, you’re not only contributing to a healthier environment, but at Hope Timber, you’re saving a significant amount of money. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures each pallet repair adheres to our highest standards. To keep our company green, we utilize our pallets in every way possible, meeting our customers’ specific needs while continuing to practice sustainability.

Meet our repair team

The players: Repair manager, Department Supervisor, Forklift Operator, Quality Control Supervisor and Repairer.

Our grading process categorizes repaired pallets by five different types of 48 X 40 pallet repairs:

More Versatile

Simpler Applications


Adheres to our same strict standards for newly built pallets: board configuration, thickness, and placement are in mint condition — 7 boards on top, 5 on bottom.


Boards are in good condition and include all runners. Staples may be used for minor repairs.


Boards may be missing with slightly wrong placements, but all broken runners are fully repaired with plugs.


Adheres to specified quality to be lifted by a pallet jack. This includes repairing runners and fixing board placement.


Provides a stable base for goods with repairs done to strengthen nails and structure. May only have 5 or 4 boards on top.

Our grading process ensures optimal use of every material. No matter what category the pallet falls into, it will be repurposed in the best way possible. Only once our pallets meet your specific specifications, do we ship them out to your operation.

On top of adhering to the strict procedures of being a full-service green company, our repair team uses 100% reclaimed materials for any size pallet you need, saving you as much as 30% per order. Part of our mission to eliminate any waste includes recycling 100% of waste wood and nails.

Contact us to start using our repaired pallets and learn about how you can help contribute to a healthier environment, one pallet at a time!


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