Keeping our Operations in Excellent Condition — that’s Bill Bailey

Four times a year, Hope Timber Pallet will be shining a light on employees who stand out and represent Hope Timber’s mission and values.
Ben Bailey, Plant Maintenance Manager at Hope Timber Pallet
Ben Bailey, Plant Maintenance Manager

The maintenance department is the backbone of any manufacturing business, where equipment downtime translates to loss of productivity. Hope Timber is proud to have Bill Bailey as our Plant Maintenance Manager and the recipient of this month’s Employee Spotlight! With an impressive seven years of service at our company, Bill’s expertise has propelled us forward and ensured our operations are in excellent condition.

Bill’s impact on our company extends outside of his job responsibilities, as he actively fosters strong working relationships both within and beyond his department. Bill has earned the reputation of being resilient, dedicated, and generous. He continuously demonstrates the qualities necessary to effectively lead his department. If you follow Bill around for an hour at Hope Timber, you will see that he is highly skilled, hard-working, and knowledgeable — capable of finding solutions to issues standing in the way of efficiency.

When asked what scene from a movie or TV show could be compared to his daily work events, Bill answered, “Mike Rowe’s show Dirty Jobs” or “the YouTube content by Breadsticks Ricky & The Boss,” explaining how the workplace shenanigans depicted in both are relatable to his own workdays.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs looking confused in an animated GIF

Country Rapper Bottleneck most resonates with Bill. The song On My Own best represents who Bill is at work, especially the “stay grindin’ forever” attitude within the lyrics.

Outside of work, Bill is interested in firearms, knives, and mud toys. His passion for creating once had him considering a future in culinary arts to become a chef. Now, he puts his inventiveness to work in creating necessary resources for Hope Timber in and out of work.

When asked if there was any other job Bill would like to have besides Plant Maintenance Manager, Bill answered, “Director of Operations or CEO,” as he interests himself in dealing with the day-to-day adversity of manufacturing and charting the company’s vision. But, for now, leading the proper maintenance of facilities and equipment of a growing company keeps him busy!

Thank you, Bill, for your dedication and devotion to Hope Timber Pallet and Recycling!

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