Invest In Our Planet: Develop A Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy


Let Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling Help You Go Green

As springtime turns the plants green, ask yourself: “How green is my supply chain?”

The mission for this year’s Earth Day on April 22 is to “Invest in Our Planet.” Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling is committed to sustainability and believes reusing and recycling wood pallets is one of the best ways to keep your supply chain green.

Pallets are crucial elements of global supply chains as they help ensure environmentally sound shipping. Their design has become standardized, and repairing wood pallets has become a very common practice.

Wood pallets were given an Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) a few years ago, meaning pallets have been certified to be environmentally sound products that can minimize the emission of greenhouse gases through reusing, remanufacturing, and recycling practices.

Healthy Forests and Healthy Communities

According to Nature’s Packaging, North America’s forests are growing at twice the rate of what is removed for consumer use. In fact, about 1.7 billion seedlings are planted each year to ensure that our forests will be alive and healthy for years to come.

As consumers seek sustainable, responsible, and economical packaging solutions, they will find using wood pallets for their transportation needs makes the most environmental and economic sense.

One study from Nature’s Packaging stated that nearly all wood pallets today avoid entering landfills. Pallets are either repaired for ongoing usage, resold, or pulverized into useful mulch.

At Hope Timber, anything wood that is not salvageable goes through our grinder to be used as mulch. You can find this mulch at Hope Timber Mulch, where we offer sustainable pet- and child-friendly mulch. To keep landfill waste to a minimal, we also recycle the nails holding the pallets together.

We are doing our part to reduce waste and have done so for more than 25 years. Our pallet recycling and management services can help your company do the same.

Better Products and The Best Customer Experiences

TJ Harvey, Vice President/Director of Operations at Hope Timber, notes Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling often appears in the Columbus Business First’s top 25 of Central Ohio’s biggest recycling firms.

By using wood pallets, Hope Timber Pallet utilizes recycling practices that not only are sustainable but also follow the core focus of the company: building better products, building better lives, and building the best customer experiences.

Remanufacturing of pallets. At Hope Timber Pallet, we offer remanufacturing pallets with new or recycled wood. Even after long-term use, wood pallets can be reinforced or rebuilt with individual boards to make the original pallet as good as new.

Saving money and reducing the use of resources is essential in greening a supply chain, and using reclaimed materials can save customers as much as 30% per order.

Order options. Hope Timber will build, repair, pick up, and deliver 48 x 40 pallets to companies throughout central Ohio. If you have additional build size needs, we can accommodate any standard or custom pallet build while working on your 48 x 40 order.

Pallet delivery services. At Hope Timber Pallet, our wood pallets are carefully constructed to endure repeated handling or possible harsh treatment during the shipping process, ensuring shippers can get a quicker return on their investment and a lower cost for each shipment.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss remanufacturing your wood pallets! We’d love to talk to you about your pallet needs.

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