Hope Timber Pallet Launches Employee Spotlight!

Four times a year, Hope Timber Pallet will be shining a light on employees who stand out and represent Hope Timber’s mission and values.

Hope Timber Pallet Employee Spotlight recipient, KC Bussard in front of the Hope Timber Pallet signKC Bussard’s dedication to his role in producing high-quality pallets has led him to be selected for Hope Timber’s first-ever Employee Spotlight! Plant Manager Eric Richeson shares that KC is “Always the last person to leave the department during end of day cleaning and set up,” and “his characteristics of being positive and respectful, being a team player and delivering excellence” align with Hope Timber’s core values.

Since joining Hope Timber in January 2022, KC has become a master at crafting high-quality pallets, earning him a leadership role in the company as the Training and Quality Control Supervisor. He feels a sense of accomplishment in building something with his hands, and his team commends him for being dependable, positive and knowledgeable. Eric Richeson adds, “We look forward to what he [KC] can help us accomplish by utilizing his persistent dedication to delivering excellence through training, development and a contagious, positive attitude.”

When asked what scene from a movie or TV show could be compared to his daily work events, KC answered, “The Walking Dead,” explaining, “The team is constantly faced with crazy challenges that they must overcome.”

Outside of work, KC has faced his own set of challenges while recovering from a tragic car accident. KC reflected on the work of Navy Seal and Author Jocko Willink, particularly concepts like “Growth to the Grave,” to help with the healing process. Songs like Incubus’s “Make Yourself” and Volbeat’s “My Body” also helped him find the strength and perseverance to overcome.

A guitar player, KC was a member of the Columbus Ohio indie rock band Times After Dusk. In 2012, the band released the album The Words We Say. The album is available on the streaming services Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. In addition to playing guitar and watching horror movies, KC spends his time outside of work with his family.

When asked if there was any other job at Hope Timber he would like to have for a day, KC answered, “Owner – I’d like to see how all the behind-the-scenes work is done and the grit and determination it takes to keep a company growing.”

Thank you, KC, for your dedication to Hope Timber Pallet and Recycling!

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