Dependability, Honesty and Trustworthiness — that’s Wesley Wade

Four times a year, Hope Timber Pallet will be shining a light on employees who stand out and represent Hope Timber’s mission and values.

Wesley Wade was initially hired at HWes Wade is our May Employee Spotlight!ope Timber in 2020 but recently celebrated his one-year anniversary since returning to the company after a brief absence. Hope Timber was happy to welcome Wes back on the team, as his experience in the pallet industry, along with his dependability, honesty and trustworthiness, are crucial for his role as a forklift supervisor in building 5. Wes’s traits align with Hope Timber’s core values and are essential for the success of both Wes and the company.

Wes appreciates the work environment at Hope Timber because “no two days are ever the same.” He approaches his daily tasks as a supervisor with a “no-nonsense” attitude, tackling his work with speed and efficiency. He’s Hope Timber’s very own version of Speed Racer and makes the most of each day, remaining on the job until it’s completed and making sacrifices to improve the work environment for others.




Serving others is nothing new for Wes. In his spare time, he repairs and donates bicycles to people facing transportation challenges — he has repaired over 30 bikes so far! While living in Texas, Wes volunteered as a firefighter for seven years. Today, he continues to put out fires daily, but his efforts now result in the successful deployment of pallets that transport goods and benefit consumers locally and beyond.

Wes is happy as a forklift supervisor, but he’s also interested in the inventory management process at Hope Timber. He believes he could apply his skills to successfully load and unload trucks, improving the flow of products in and out of the company. With his great attitude and work ethic, Wes is bound to excel in any role at Hope Timber. Due to Wes’s many strengths, he’s been chosen as the employee of the quarter.

Thank you, Wes, for your dedication to Hope Timber Pallet and Recycling!

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