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Pallets & Services

Hope Timber Pallet Machine Pallets & Services
  • 48 x 40 Pallets
  • New Pallets
  • Custom Pallets
  • Scrap Wood Recycling
  • We Buy Pallets
  • Heat Treating
  • Drop Trailers

48x40 Pallets

The most common pallet. We build new 48x40 pallets for the customers who require perfection. Hope Timber also provides recycled 48x40’s for those who are looking for a more economical solution.
New Pallets. Custom Pallets. Recycled Pallets. Combination Pallets
We can build 48 x 40 pallets built on our auto nailers or up to a 16’ heavy duty pallet built with custom jigs. Hope Timber Pallet has the solution for you.

Scrap Wood Recycling

All wood is useful at Hope Timber. If your facility has scrap wood pallets or crating we can help to recycle. Scrap pallets are torn down and the boards are salvaged for repairing pallets. Anything that cannot be reclaimed into a pallet goes through our grinder and is turned into landscape mulch.

We Buy Pallets

If your facility generates an abundance of pallets, Hope Timber Pallet and Recycling will buy them. We purchase 48x40 and many other sizes.

Heat Treating

If your company needs pallets heat treated for shipping overseas, Hope Timber Pallet can take care of it. We are a certified with ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures). All heat treated pallets are stamped with a compliance mark.

Drop Trailers

Do you have storage problems? With our fleet of over 125 semi trailers, Hope Timber Pallet can leave a trailer of pallets at your dock door so that you can pull off stacks of pallets as needed. When the trailer is empty it can be re-loaded with scrap wood to help recycle and keep usable wood out of the dumpsters.