Pallets Recycling

Hope Timber Pallet has customized repair programs available, and we are always buying 48 X 40 4-way pallets & some other sizes.
Hope Timber is doing our part to keep clean and reusable wood out of landfills. 100% of the wood brought in to Hope Timber Pallet is recycled as landscape mulch, or pallet repair material. We are proud to help your company be Eco friendly too.

We Buy Pallets

If your facility generates an abundance of pallets, Hope Timber Pallet and Recycling will buy them. We purchase 48x40 and many other sizes.

Scrap Wood Recycling

All wood is useful at Hope Timber. If your facility has scrap wood pallets or crating we can help to recycle. Scrap pallets are torn down and the boards are salvaged for repairing pallets. Anything that cannot be reclaimed into a pallet goes through our grinder and is turned into landscape mulch.
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