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2022: Investing in People and Partnerships

People are our most precious resource. In 2022, Hope Timber Pallet & Recycling has invested in people, infrastructure, sustainability, social responsibility, and resources to support our efforts next year and

Pallets at Hope Timber Pallet Company

What types of pallets are best?

There really is no one type of pallet that meets everyone’s needs all the time. In fact, there are many pallet types to consider when you have freight or merchandise

Worker safety in the pallet industry

Worker safety in the pallet industry

Protecting workers with collaboration Making working conditions safe in the wood pallet industry is always good business. As a pallet manufacturer, you strive to protect workers from harm while they

Tips for Finding a Consistent Pallet Supplier

Many types of businesses depend on a steady and consistent supply of pallets to keep their operations running smoothly. Working with the right pallet supplier is crucial to keeping your