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141 Union St. Newark Ohio

Welcome to Hope Timber Pallet Company

Ohio Pallet Company Hope Timber Pallet
Hope Timber Pallet provides a place for complete pallet management. We can construct any size pallet to your specifications, from new or used pallets. There is no quantity too large or small for us to handle. We can use 100% new lumber, or if you are leaning towards a “green” approach, we can use 100% reclaimed lumber. We can also use any combination of lumber, the choice is yours.
Hope Timber Pallet has customized repair programs available, and we are currently buying 48 X 40 4-way pallets.We offer recycling of pallets, and industrial wood products. At Hope Timber Pallet, 100% of the wood is recycled. It is either reconstructed into pallets, or it is made into mulch. Recycling can save you money (landfill fees), and you’ll be doing your part to save the earth (“going green”).Hope Timber Pallet can meet and exceed all of your needs for pallet sales, repair, and recycling. We have a complete pallet management system that can be customized for you. Call Hope Timber Pallet at (740)344-1788 today with questions, or for more information.